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(Book 1 of the Cassie Bigler: Detective-In-Training Series)

Early Reader Chapter Book (ages 6-9)dead-flower

Someone in Cassie Bigler’s class has killed the class plant, and it’s up to her to find the culprit. Using the skills she learned from her favorite detective show, she searches for clues, interviews suspects, and even goes on a stakeout. But with her unicorn notebook filled with shifty-eyed suspects, she’s no closer to finding out who the guilty kid is. It takes a science lesson for Cassie to finally put the clues together. And it will be a huge surprise for everyone when the identity of the killer – or killers – is revealed.

Coming out in 2017 from Ice Castle Press


Cassie Bigler chewed the end of her braid as she watched the leaves fall outside the classroom window. Only six more hours before her favorite detective show, Who Dunnit, was on. Some day she was going to be a detective just like Inspector Jones, except she’d have a pink overcoat. Black was for boys.

A scream at the front of the room jarred Cassie from her daydream. She turned so fast her braid whipped her in the eyes.

Miss Dewey pointed at the counter, her other hand pressed against her cheek. “Oh no, it’s dead.”

Cassie pushed her glasses up her nose and strained her neck to see past Anthony, the biggest kid in the class. If something died, she might have a real case to solve.

Miss Dewey’s favorite plant had turned from green to yellow, its leaves drooping so low they touched the counter.

“Ooh, ooh, Miss Dewey!” Cassie waved her arm. “I can find out who killed it for you. I’m going to be a detective.”

“Oh my, you think someone killed it?” Her lips twitched.

Cassie nodded, eyes wide.

“No way.” Lin crossed her arms. “My mom is—”

“Yes, it must have been poisoned,” Cassie insisted. “Please, let me solve it. I need this case.” She bounced in her chair so hard, it squeaked against the floor.

Miss Dewey looked from Lin to Cassie, chewing on her bottom lip. After a few moments, she sighed. “Okay Cassie, you can investigate, but not until snack time. We have classwork to do now.”

Lin turned to Cassie and snorted. “Good luck catching the killer,” she said using air quotes.

Lin was just jealous because Miss Dewey hadn’t picked her to solve the mystery. Excitement bubbled up inside Cassie’s belly. Her first real case.



(Book 2 of the Cassie Bigler: Detective-In-Training Series)

Early Reader Chapter Book (ages 6-9)

Cassie Bigler’s detective skills are put to the test when she learns there’s a thief in her own home. When her caterpillar goes missing, everyone is a suspect. From her two-year-old little sister, Boo, to her live-in Grandmama. But things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes caterpillars, and new friendships, can pop up when you least expect them.

Currently editing.