Julie lives in Saratoga Springs, NY with the man of her dreams, her three children, and a blue-eyed cat named Savannah. She writes YA, but likes to switch it up with middle grade and early chapter books, as well. You could say she’s an ADHD writer. Besides writing and her day job, Julie’s time is mostly taken up with her three rambunctious boys. One enjoys video games and robotics, the second loves sports, and the third takes acting and dance lessons – his only complaint, all the yucky girls. At ages 7, 10, and 13, they’re a handful for sure, but she wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Okay, enough of the book jacket stuff. I always feel weird referring to myself in the third person anyway. If I had to describe myself I’d say I was a secretly funny introvert. It’s true. I amuse myself all day long. Erm, yes, that means I talk to myself. I like to be silly, and oftentimes break out in song or dance just because. My kids still don’t know what to make of me. I think the youthfulness of my personality is what finally found me a comfortable home in YA writing. My inner voice is still a sixteen-year-old girl. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!

I’d call myself a foodie. I love to eat food, cook, and watch shows about cooking food. It’s pathetic, but the highlights of my day are planning what I’m going to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. *sigh* Because of this, my scale has become my mortal enemy.

I also enjoy going on “Netflix binges” with my husband. Who needs cable anymore? Seriously. We’ve been cable free for over a year and I’ll never go back. As long as I get my summer guilty pleasure of SYTYCD, I’m set. Some of the season binges we’ve gone on are: NCIS, Supernatural, Downton Abbey, Psych, Grimm, Law and Order, Hoarders, How It’s Made, Mythbusters, Undercover Boss, Fringe, Say Yes to the Dress, Murder She Wrote, and My Little Pony. Okay, so the last three were all me. No matter how hard I try, I can’t make a brony out of my husband. Probably for the best though. It may mess up the bad-boy motorcycle riding image I have of him.

Some of my friends refer to me as the “Research Queen.” I’m on Google probably 10-20 times a day. I have a naturally curious mind and I’m an OCD-like planner. I don’t go into any situation blindly. In any given day, I may google everything from ADHD medication to the weather to honey facials to wedding gowns. The latter is another guilty pleasure of mine. I LOVE wedding gowns. It doesn’t matter if I’m married or single with no man in sight, I will pour through magazines and web sites, soaking in all the new styles. If I ever won the lottery, I would open a wedding dress boutique. But for now, I may have to settle writing about one.

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