All Magic Comes With a Price

all-magic-comes-with-a-price-11If you read or watch fantasy you’ll recognize the old adage, “All magic comes with a price.” But this notion can extend far beyond magic to the every day trivial world. Broken down simply, where there’s good there has to be bad. There’s a balance. A yin yang of sorts. I’m sure you recognize this in your own life. Ever have a really great day, but in the back of your mind are wondering, “When will the other shoe drop?” Some might say that’s a pessimistic attitude, but it’s not. It’s an attitude of someone wise beyond their years who has an understanding of the balance of the universe. Whether you believe in God and Satan (good/bad balance) or are an atheist, there’s no denying that we appear to be living in a constant state of flux between good events and bad events in our lives.

Why am I entering such a philosophical state of mind all of a sudden? Because I had a high this week that had me floating on cloud 9 for days. But last night, it all came crashing down. The ultimate yin yang scenario. I should have expected it, but apparently, I haven’t grown wise enough in my 39 years to shut down my naivete to all things balance.

The Good

My son was asked to sub in on the travel baseball team he’s dreamed of getting on. He was so nervous about failing, but he blew everyone away with his hitting and fielding. He even caught the last hit to lead his team to victory. The coach said he did great and asked him to play again. Freakin’ awesome!

The Bad

Our mortgage broker notified us last night that our closing costs went up $3,000 due to a school tax error (they only set aside 3 months instead of a year in initial estimates). And our closing is in 10 days. 10 days! $3,000! Holy cow, that’s ridiculous!

But this high and low appear to be necessary for the world to “work.” In my mind, these two events are equal. I would pay $3,000 for my son to have an awesome game and increase his chances at making the travel team. I bet you think I’m crazy! But being on the travel team gets you into the school team, and excelling on the school team gets you…scholarships. You see where I’m going here? That $3,000 is paid back over and over again in savings if he gets even half a ride to college. So yes, the bad came with the good, but I still feel we’re coming out on top with that great game.

Call me an optimist. 😉

Have you noticed a balance in your own life between good and bad events?


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