A Tale of Two Toothbrushes


Once upon a time, there was a prince and a princess who lived in the kingdom of Saratoga Springs. They enjoyed doing many exciting activities together like slaying dragons, sword fighting, and even shopping for food. On one such shopping adventure, they found themselves browsing the toothbrush aisle (the princess was always on the lookout for new and improved products).

A brightly colored package caught her eye. Inside, sat a red vibrating toothbrush like the one she had at home, except this pack held two.

“Why, two are better than one, and it’s just a dollar more,” the princess said. “Now we can share, my sweet prince, and you can have beautifully clean teeth, too!”

The prince smiled his dazzling smile, albeit not as white as the princess’s, and dropped the package into the cart. “What a wonderful idea, my princess. I knew I married you for a reason.”

The days passed and the prince and princess started preparations for their long trip to the Land of Chocolate. They packed exactly four shirts and four pants each, undergarments, and bathing suits for the magical indoor pool that sprouted bubbles from tiny holes. All that was left was their toiletries.

The princess retrieved her special toothbrush from the left side of the toothbrush holder. The bristles were beginning to wear down. Soon she’d need to purchase another one. She lifted up the prince’s toothbrush and noticed his had barely any wear.

“Sweet prince,” she called. “Can you please come in here?”

Within moments, he entered from behind and leaned his chin on her shoulder. “Yes, my love.”

She whirled to face him, an accusatory look in her eye. “Are you brushing your teeth, mister?” She recalled the sweet garlicky breath he’d had the night before.

“Of course.”

“Every single day?”

He nodded.

The princess placed the matching toothbrushes side by side. “Then why is my toothbrush more worn than yours?”

He pointed at his old blue toothbrush still sitting in the toothbrush holder. “Oh, that’s simple. I switch back and forth between the two toothbrushes.”

The princess looked at him through one eye and cocked your head. “Hmm, I guess that makes sense.” She placed both brushes into a storage bag. “Well, when we are in the Land of Chocolate, remember that your brush is the newer one and mine is the worn one.”

“I certainly will.”

The trip to the Land of Chocolate went smoothly and the prince and princess easily kept track of whose toothbrush was whose. Upon their return, the princess placed the worn toothbrush on the left and the newer toothbrush on the right just as they’d been before.

The excitement of the trip slowly wore off and their days returned to normal. On one such normal day, the prince suggested to the princess that they go out and explore the local merchant’s goods. The prince’s breath drifted in her direction, and she plugged her nose.

“Sweet prince, your breath is not so sweet this morning.”

His face reddened and he replied, “I must confess, I didn’t want to say, but now that you’ve mentioned it, yours is not so fresh either, my dear.”

“To the bathroom then,” the princess declared. “We brush.”

Although the prince and princess had done many activities together, they’d never brushed their teeth at the same time. What a nice treat. In front of the sink, they reached for their brushes and knocked fingers.

“You first, my princess,” said the prince in his most chivalrous way.

“Why, thank you.” The princess took the toothbrush on the left, now worn completely.

The prince’s face paled. “Is that the toothbrush you always use?”

“Of course. It’s mine.”

He shook his head. “That’s the toothbrush I use. The one on the left.”

“No, sweet prince, yours is on the right.”

“Oh dear. I thought mine was on the left. We’ve been using the same toothbrush all this time.”

The princess’s eyes widened and her cheeks puffed out like the frogs on the moor. “Oh dear, is right.”


The lesson to be learned, my friends, is that when buying a two-pack of toothbrushes to share, make sure they come in different colors.


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