I Can See the Finish Line!

Things are moving along for both Glass Ceiling and Case of the Plant Killer. It’s odd working on two projects at once, but I’m certainly keeping busy! In fact, I just finished writing the second book in the Cassie Bigler detective-in-training series, The Case of the Missing Caterpillar. I’ve got to go through and edit it still, then it’s on to the publisher for review.

In the meantime, Case of the Plant Killer is being illustrated. How exciting is that? I’m finally going to have a face to go along with Cassie. I’ve already warned my kids that they’re going to be my mini-marketers at their school once that book comes out. They don’t care. They’re super excited about it.

As for The Glass Ceiling, I’m in my last week of line edits. Things are moving along so quickly, my publisher has moved up my release date to December. Yikes! I had all these plans of doing blog tours and getting ARC reviews months in advance. Now I’m scrambling to see what I can get done in just a month. But I should really count myself lucky. Some authors don’t even have their covers ready a month before release.

I’m currently in talks with the lovely people of YA Bound Book Tours. They’re working with me to squeeze in a 2 week book tour during January, which would make my December release a “soft release” and my hard release happening in January. I suppose this is good. Book releases aren’t exactly on peoples’ minds as they’re running around trying to get last minute Christmas gifts. Now January? Much better. People are trying to get their lives back to normal after a hectic holiday season and sit back with a good book. 😉 I hope!

As a newbie author, this promotion stuff is all very confusing to me and I’ll be amazed if I get through it with my sanity in tact. But it will definitely be a learning experience for next time! If you could give one piece of advice during the month before release, what would it be?


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