Wedding Pictures are Here!

They’re here! They’re here! After two months I can finally share my special day with all of you. It was so hard deciding which pictures to post, but I think these are my favorites. What a wonderful day we had. Beautiful sunny weather and smiling faces. Who could ask for more? Our photographer, Chelsea Ahl, did an outstanding job too. She did a lot of unique shots that were natural instead of forced. Love her!

(Click on the pictures for larger views)

Lavoie_Family_Web_28Lavoie_Family_Web_05 Lavoie_Family_Web_04 Lavoie_Bridal_Portraits_Web_39 Lavoie_Bridal_Portraits_Web_32 Lavoie_Bridal_Portraits_Web_30 Lavoie_Bridal_Portraits_Web_27 Lavoie_Bridal_Portraits_Web_20 Lavoie_Bridal_Portraits_Web_15 Lavoie_Bridal_Portraits_Web_09



2 thoughts on “Wedding Pictures are Here!

  1. I love those pics! Tough to pick a favorite. Maybe the one with both of you on the ground. Your photographer did a great job! But my, my, my. You didn’t just look stunning, but glowing. In fact, all five of you looked incredibly happy. Long may it continue!

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