The time is here to reveal the cover for my YA Speculative Fiction, THE GLASS CEILING. The book is not slated to come out from Frost Book Group until early 2016, but with such a thrillingly gorgeous cover, who could wait to reveal it? I’d like to thank my cover artist, Melody Pond, for being such a gem to work with. She took all my concerns into consideration and created great solutions. If you’re in need of a cover artist, check out her website at:

And without further ado, meet Heart, the main character in THE GLASS CEILING.


Sixteen-year-old Heart escapes slavery in the tunnels, but merely trades her small prison for a larger one. A world controlled by a madman bent on genetic perfection. In searching for a way out, her rebellious nature pits her up against the Guardian, who stops at nothing to protect his secrets. Human skulls atop crude sticks serve as a warning: treason is punishable by death. When her new friends are held captive, and escape is only an arm’s reach away, Heart must decide. Take the freedom she so desperately wants or save her friends’ lives?

Prize Details:

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