What Your Google History Tells About You

A radio station I listen to often has people call in and tell what their last Google search was. The searches they disclose are often funny and also quite telling. People use Google to search topics from “how to stop burning from jalapeno juice” (raises hand) to “how to help an ADHD child get organized in Middle School” (raises hand again). I can’t imagine how I ever lived without Google. I suppose I had to call people. Or go to the library and look it up. Ick. But Google makes everything so much easier. It also acts as an archive of your life events. Lately, everything I’m Googling is wedding, wedding, wedding. Because that’s what I’m going through right now in my life. In the past, my searches would have consisted of the best brand of diaper or how to clean marker out of fabric. Yup, life with toddlers.

Today I did a Google search on a topic I never thought would enter my curiosity scope. I looked up the difference between content editor and line editor. Wanna know why? Because my book is currently in the editing stage. Yay! I just finished working with my content editor and now it’s moving on to the line editor. One step closer to being published! It still seems surreal. And the publisher wants to offer me a contract for another one of my books, an early reader chapter book. Think Magic School Bus meets Jigsaw Jones. Two books published in one year. Who would have thought? Anyways, I was just reflecting today on how Google searches can be like a window into someone’s world. I think that’s pretty interesting! Although I can’t say I enjoy the “personalized” ads that pop up as a result. I swear, just because I do a search on toe fungus or ingrown hairs does not mean I want to constantly see products for that!

I’d love for you to share your past five Google searches so we can get a window into your world too. I promise no ads will follow. 😉

My last five were: content editor and line editor, Swarovski heart pendant looks yellow against skin, family unity sand containers, colored play sand, and how soon after getting infected with pinkeye do symptoms show. Uh, yeah, a lovely gift from my son to me!


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