Playing the Part of SPORTS MOM

If you recall in one of my recent blog entries I was so PUMPED UP. I was going to the gym every night, and couldn’t wait to see how my body would change. But now that spring has arrived, along with spring sports, my gym visits have come to a screeching halt. Mondays are Son #3’s tap lessons. Tuesdays and Saturdays are Son #3’s soccer games. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are Son #2’s baseball games. (Thank God Son #1 believes extra-curricular activities mean playing Minecraft online with friends.)

I think I’ve gone to the gym once in the past week. Today, I had to take three ibuprofen because my back is still killing me from all the time I spent in a camp chair on Saturday. An hour watching Son #3’s soccer practice, an hour waiting in line for Son #3’s recital tickets, then THREE hours watching Son #2’s baseball game. Why was it three hours, you ask? Partially because they let my son pitch in the first game of the season. It took him 35 minutes for one half inning! He’d only practiced pitching one time with the coach for five minutes, so you can imagine my surprise when they called him out to pitch. He did manage to strike two people out, but also got four walks, and when all was said and done brought the score from a winning 8 to 7 to a losing 8 to 12. Bummer. Then it was their turn up to bat to finish off the last inning. My son came up with two outs on the board… and struck out. I swear the universe was against him that day. But his team was super supportive, which I was glad to see. I hope this early failure pushes him to try even harder, and that his coaches don’t lose faith in him. At this age, even in rec baseball, it’s competitive.

I never thought I’d be watching any sports games. I hate sports. But now I’m a sideline cheerleader. I have a Dick’s Sporting Goods points card, I know plays for football, and I know how to size a cup. Having boys changes everything. And I can say with full certainty and pride, I’ve turned into a sports mom!

Have your kids inspired new hobbies or have you doing things you never thought you’d do before?


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