A Review of Divide and Conquer

Divide and ConquerCarmen Fox is the author to watch. Her debut novel, DIVIDE AND CONQUER, is a smart, exciting book with twists and turns that will keep your interest piqued. She creates a vivid world that houses a broad range of characters. My favorite is Kirk the gargoyle. His character is so well done I can actually hear and picture him clearly in my head. Her fighting scenes are spot on and her dialogue witty. This is no lazy writer. You can tell she’s chosen her words carefully to evoke the best sensory experience. Her writing technique is excellent and if I didn’t know this was a debut novel, I’d have assumed Ms. Fox was a seasoned author with many books already on the shelves.

My favorite aspect of DIVIDE AND CONQUER is that Ms. Fox rotates chapters between two character perspectives, Nieve and Lea. I personally love dual POV books and to flip-flop chapters isn’t easy (especially in the middle of a scene), but she pulls it off effortlessly. Even though written in first POV, you know who’s talking because the character’s name is written under the chapter heading, along with a witty quote from that character. Some of those quotes are hilarious. I think Ms. Fox could create a book just of funny quotes and sell it.

DIVIDE AND CONQUER is an urban fantasy set in Seattle where a geek nobody finds herself as part of a divine prophecy to save the world. I know what you’re thinking. This has been done before. Yes and no. Ms. Fox took this tired storyline and turned it on it’s head. I can’t tell you exactly what happens because I don’t want to ruin it for you, but it involves secrets, trust issues, and most important, bouncing back after failure. With just enough romance, and humorous dialogue that had me laughing out loud at times, this urban fantasy could be enjoyed by all readers, not just hardcore sci-fi fans. I encourage you to try out Ms. Fox. I know I’ll be watching for her next book!

You can order DIVIDE AND CONQUER from Amazon here. Visit her website at: http://www.carmen-fox.com.


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