Switching Gears

I am currently in Query Land with my YA speculative fiction novel. As all writers know, instead of stalking agent blogs and obsessing over whether no news is good news, you should be writing your next book. So that’s what I started last week. A YA contemporary about what, I wasn’t sure yet. I had the hero pinned down, but the MC not so much. As I was talking through plot possibilities and ARCs with my writing partner, I found I wasn’t making much ground. Finally, she said, “You’re not passionate enough about this project. You should only write what you’re passionate about.” She was right. I felt like I was grasping at plots that felt forced. I can’t rush something like this so I’m stepping away until my magic writing fairy whispers the perfect plot into my ear. (Yes, that happens quiet often.)

We then talked about the other projects I have in the works, or are done, but need revising. I have an adult paranormal romance based loosely on Romeo and Juliet that I’d like to rewrite as a YA. However, rewrite is being too kind. I’d have to completely knock it down and build it up again. So then I told her about an MG that’s more than a quarter of the way done. It’s a Native American speculative fiction novel with alternating girl/boy POV. She didn’t seem too interested in me pursuing this project until I sent her the first forty pages. Then I got this back in my inbox:

Stop everything you’re doing and write this! This is the one. I have to know what happens next. How have you had this GEM in your drawer all this time and not finished it? Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with you woman.

Well, geez, with that kind of a response, of course I’m going to choose that one! Thing is, it’s been three years since I did all my research on Chippewa tribes and reservation life in Wisconsin. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find my notes. Argh!!! Guess I’m starting from the drawing board.


One thought on “Switching Gears

  1. “Native American speculative fiction novel with alternating girl/boy POV” sounds -yawn – dull. Mention the bullies making your MC’s life hell, the cursed(?) glowing bracelet, the mysterious slashes that suddenly appear on her skin, and the old Native American that urges his grandson to stay away from her. So much more exciting!

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