Bugs, Bugs Everywhere

Summer is here and it appears my house has become a haven for all creatures icky and long-legged. And I’m not talking about my kids. Earlier this week, I was laying on my couch, catching up on some TV, when I feel a tickle on my arm. I look down and there’s a bug I’ve never seen before crawling through my arm hairs like it’s a white-treed jungle. *shudder* The next morning, I reach into the bag of grapes in my refrigerator and feel something sticky. I look inside and there is a cobweb on the stem that wasn’t there the day before. Then a black and white spider proceeds to crawl onto my finger. Of course, I scream and drop the bag of grapes onto the floor. The grapes came from Wal-Mart so who knows what foreign country that spider came from. It could be poisonous! Mind you, this is 6:30 in the morning and my screams wake the entire household. The grape bag is disposed of in the garbage pail, and I manage to catch my breath. (Did you know they say you lose minutes off your life every time you’re scared?) Not even ten minutes later, my 5-year old calls down the stairs, “I’m sorry to say, Mommy, but there are ants all over the bathroom.” (Yes, that’s how my son speaks. He’s quite unique.)

So now there’s ants? Ugh. I had my boyfriend spray around the house with an indoor ant repellant/killer in preparation for the 8-year old sleepover I was having THAT NIGHT for my son’s birthday. Guess what? The floors are completely void of ants. But my walls aren’t. The little buggers just reached for higher ground.

All last night and this morning, I’ve been killing tiny ants with my thumb (luckily, they only seem to like the bathroom and are no match for the Thumb of Death). Also, it’s a good thing I have 4 little boys here instead of 4 little girls. I can just imagine the screaming that would be had if a girl saw ants crawling all over the bathroom sink. For boys, it’s cool. Not sure their parents would think that though…

So um, yeah, I should probably keep my honey face wash concoction stored somewhere other than the bathroom from now on. Lesson learned.


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