To Kill Or Not to Kill

Now if the average person read that, they’d be giving me a wide berth! What I’m talking about though is whether or not to kill off characters to help move the plot along, and yes, to add shock value. What gets tricky though is when the character you kill is an innocent party and most likely favored by the reader. You run into the possibility of making the reader so mad they throw the book against the wall, or worse yet, refuse to read on.

I’m contemplating killing off such a character, and unfortunately, in a gruesome way, as is the tradition of the society in my book. Just thinking about it makes me choke up. How weird is that? But I think it’s needed for the story to progress and for pieces to fall into place that haven’t as of yet. I’m hoping in time I’ll accept it. It’s funny, but it’s like I’m going through the same healing process as my MC, as mental as that sounds. Hey, it’s easy to get attached to your characters!

How have you chosen who you’ve killed off  in a book. Have you chosen characters just for the shock value? Or was it necessary to your plot?


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