Straddling the Line

Before I start regularly posting I need to figure out how  personal to get. I’ve found in the past that I’ve been a little too personal, treating my blog more as a diary than as a networking instrument. Are readers interested in learning how I overcame my divorce or my struggles with my ADHD child? Would it alienate people or allow them to connect at a deeper level? I suppose there’s a line you must straddle between telling too much and not enough.

And then there’s the mindset that I could actually help someone. For example, my ups and downs with hormonal acne for the past twenty years. I may have actually found something that works! Or I could discuss my new weight loss routine. Or my Invisalign experience. I have lots to talk about and experiences to share. The question is, will my readers be interested or bored?

What do you think? How personal do you get on your own blogs? What do you think are appropriate topics?


One thought on “Straddling the Line

  1. I think you should just go for it. Blogs should allow readers to get to know you. But don’t forget to add value to your posts. When talking about your divorce, don’t just tell us what the universe let happen to you. Describe how YOU got through it. The lessons you learned. Provide steps that anyone who finds themselves in a similar position can follow.

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