Rising From the Dead

Okay, so maybe that’s a little melodramatic. But I have been roused from lounging around in bed until noon. You see, I’ve been writing Harmonia for over a year now, maybe more. Why so long, you ask? Because I was being lazy. I was writing for myself. No deadlines. No expectations. I wrote whenever I felt like it. Much to the dismay of my writing partner, Carmen Fox. She needled me every week. “Come on! Keep writing! You’ve got a winner there. Don’t stop!” It felt like a gnat giving me tiny nips on my arm every ten seconds. (Good nips though, Carmen. :)) Finally, I think she got so fed up with my laziness that she took my first three chapters and entered them into contests on my behalf – even paying the fees for me! Now that’s a dedicated writing partner. I humored her, but knew none of them would amount to anything, and she was just acting as the biased mom figure. But then I got the call. What? You mean you’re not trying to sell me a timeshare in Hawaii? You actually like my work? Did I just enter the Twilight Zone? Of course, the nice girl on the other end of the line only heard, “Oh, thank you.” *face slap* I think she was expecting me to jump up and down screaming, but I still hadn’t wrapped my brain around what the heck she was talking about.

I got on the email to Carmen right away, my head spinning. She joined in the congratulations, but then reality set in. Oh no, I have to finish my book! Crap. If I’d spent the last year hustling instead of distracting myself with other projects, I’d be able to present a full easy peasy in the event they asked for one. Carmen kind of snickered in an “I told you so,” manner. Yes, I should have listened to her a looooooong time ago. I’m not usually a procrastinator, but now I’ve put myself in a situation where I’m the hare waking to find the tortoise far ahead of me, and I’ve got a lot of bouncing to do to catch up.

Anyway, I wanted to take this time to publicly thank Carmen for waking me up out of my writing slumber, and in a big way, I might say. You’re the best writing partner ever!


One thought on “Rising From the Dead

  1. Awww, thank you. For the “best writing partner” comment, not the “gnat” one. 🙂 And you are on to a winner. You know, once it’s finished. No one’s going to read half a book. *bzzzzz bzzzzzzz* (that was me being a gnat again). So come on, Julie. You’re so close!

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