Rosemary Award Finalist

I have some wonderful news to share. I learned this week that I was a finalist in the Fusion category of the YARWA Rosemary Award. There are 4 finalists so I figure I have a 25% shot at winning. I’d say those odds are fairly good. However, winning isn’t as important to me as finaling was. You see, all finalists will have their work judged by no other than:

Lucienne Diver
The Knight Agency
Jessica MacLeish
Harper Teen
Deadra Krieger
Lycaon Press

That means I get to zoom past the query letter phase and place my work right in front of them. That alone makes me feel like a winner. For this contest, I entered my YA Dystopian, HARMONIA. This post-apocalyptic story follows Heart, a girl born into slavery, in a Victorian-style society created by a man who calls himself the Guardian. When strange visions hint that there’s more to life than what she’d always known in the tunnels – boys being one of them – she embarks on a journey to gain her freedom and learns the meaning of love in the process.

The winners will be announced July 23rd in San Antonio, TX. And I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me to finish my MS in the event one of the judges requests a full. Wish me luck!


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